Defend American Values


Protect Freedom of Expression:

Freedom of speech and thought is the cornerstone of American liberty.

It should be defended at all costs. Limits on speech are increasingly common and take many forms: outright censorship, speech codes, safe spaces, shadow banning and deplatforming of conservatives by social media companies. Meanwhile, institutions such as Harvard work overtime to squelch conservative speech while allowing antisemitic speech and behavior to go unfettered. Cancel culture protects the narrative, not the truth. As a cop and soldier, I stood for truth, and will continue to do so in Congress by holding accountable those who trample on the First Amendment.


Defend the Second Amendment:

The Second Amendment right to bear arms is not a second-class liberty. The Founding Fathers placed it in the Constitution for a reason: Americans have an inalienable right to defend themselves. As an NRA certified concealed carry firearms instructor, I have proudly taught hundreds of Coloradans this inalienable right. I have unyieldingly opposed every effort of our far-left Legislature to restrict Coloradans’ right to bear arms. “Shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed, and I’ll unwaveringly stand by that in Congress!



When my wife was about 24 weeks pregnant with our second son, the doctor told us he was likely incompatible with life (praise God, he’s now seven and loves puppies). Since then, my wife has had eight miscarriages. We’ve seen the heartbeat at six weeks, and mourned the loss of a child at nine weeks.

I am pro-life, believe abortion stops a beating heart, and oppose taxpayer funded abortion. Since the US Supreme Court has returned this issue to the states, I will not vote for a national abortion ban. Coloradans must determine how to best protect women and babies’ lives. I will support legislation like H.R. 7, which affirms that taxpayer dollars cannot be used to fund abortion. Pro-life bills like H.R. 7 often include exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother, and I would vote for such legislation.

As a former police officer, I support the White House’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking. This plan requires all entities who might have contact with a victim of human trafficking, including abortion providers, to receive training on how to recognize, refer, and intervene in such situations. It also holds those accountable if they fail to take action. Liberal, pro-crime policies do not help a woman escape an abusive relationship, end the cycle of intimate partner violence, or hold sex traffickers accountable. As a cop, I fought to protect women and girls in every difficult situation imaginable, and as a State Representative, I worked to pass bills that protected domestic violence victims. In Congress, I’ll continue the fight to protect women and girls from sexual violence.

Pregnancy is incredibly complex, and research on complications is tragically underfunded. The doctors never found a cause for the miscarriages my wife endured, and as your next Congressman, I will fight to increase research funding for women’s reproductive health issues, including high-risk pregnancy, recurrent miscarriage, and maternal mortality.