American Security


Ensure our military is focused on warfighting and not politically correct agendas.

As a veteran of the Global War on Terror, I know the world is a dangerous place. To protect the United States, we must have a flexible, lethal military focused on winning wars. Unfortunately, the Biden administration uses the military for social experimentation, woke virtue signaling, and politically correct agendas. These policies harm recruiting, degrade readiness, and signal to our adversaries that America is in decline.

I’m a firm believer in Teddy Rosevelt’s saying: “Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!” To protect America and avoid spending huge sums of money managing global hotspots and rogue dictators like Putin, we must bring stability back to the international arena by projecting consistent American strength. In November, I wrote a column for Townhall outlining my plan to restore American leadership: (1) articulate defined policies that deter America’s adversaries, particularly China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, (2) partner with good actors such as South Korea, Japan, and Australia to oppose Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean malfeasance, (3) restore America’s military superiority, (4) secure our borders, and (5) increase domestic production of critical resources to ensure energy independence and end our reliance upon foreign technology and manufacturing.

I am particularly troubled by the Biden Administration’s coddling of Iran. I missed my oldest son’s first steps, words, birthday, and Christmas because I was deployed to the Middle East fighting terrorism. It infuriates me that the Biden Administration has provided Iran billions of dollars in sanctions relief and direct and indirect payments at the same time the regime is sponsoring terrorism against America and her allies, particularly Israel. These costly attacks destabilize the Middle East and will continue as long as the Biden Administration continues to treat the Iranian regime with weakness and ambiguity.


Secure our borders.

The humanitarian and public policy crisis at the Southern border started the moment Joe Biden took office. He canceled construction of the border wall, abandoned common-sense policies such as “remain in Mexico,” and telegraphed to the world the border was open. The world has responded. Under Joe Biden and his Leftist allies, every state is a border state.

As a police officer for over ten years, I saw the consequences of that daily. Fentanyl, smuggled through Mexico from China, takes the lives of nearly 100,000 Americans per year. A huge percentage of the crime in Colorado is driven not just by homegrown criminals but by international crime organizations and cartels who exploit the open border and Colorado’s sanctuary policies as they prey on Colorado residents. In the last ten years, Colorado has gone from 19th best to 4th worst in the nation for crime rate. I witnessed firsthand these disastrous results, and I’m fighting back!

As the grandson of Mexican immigrants, I know this problem is fixable. Moreover, fixing it is not racist! I will make it a priority in Congress to: (1) relaunch construction of the border wall in areas where it makes sense, (2) restore the “remain in Mexico policy,” so migrants must stay in Mexico unless and until they are determined to qualify for asylum, (3) implement new technologies to help secure the border, (4) place limits on asylum claims to ensure only qualified migrants enter the U.S., (5) require employers to confirm employees’ employment eligibility; (6) require the Administration to negotiate with countries – especially Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador – regarding agreements for asylum claims; (7) hire more border patrol agents and immigration judges; and (8) streamline the naturalization and visa process so that properly vetted individuals who want to come to America and be contributing members of our great country can do so.


Promote safe streets and communities.

It’s not complicated. When you hold criminals accountable, you get less crime. When you punish cops and let criminals off with no consequences, you get more crime. As the Democrat-controlled Colorado Legislature has embraced “defund the police” policies such as “cashless bail” and put dangerous criminals back on the street and reduced penalties for drug dealers, crime has gone up. In 2021, Denver’s homicide rate, per capita, was almost double that of San Francisco.

I believe in due process, fully funding our police officers, holding them to high standards, and protecting them when they do their jobs correctly. Demonizing our law enforcement officers – and treating criminals as victims – makes it harder to recruit and retain quality officers, which in turn results in less safe communities. In Colorado alone, apart from human suffering, the annual cost of crime is estimated to be over $27 billion by the Common Sense Institute! I support putting repeat violent offenders behind bars, ending reckless “cashless bail” policies, and cracking down on fentanyl dealers who prey on our kids.

Additionally, having spent over 10 years as a first responder working daily with the homeless population, I’ll work for policies that actually address the root of the issue, not just inflame the problem by spending taxpayer money with no long-term strategy. Reducing regulations and allowing a right to cure in construction defect law will provide more affordable housing options. I also know homelessness is often based on mental health and substance abuse problems. As the 2023 Mental Health State Legislator of the Year, I support policies that provide the “tough love” and accountability resources needed to help folks get back on track while protecting our communities and economy from the harmful effects of homeless camps.