American Prosperity


Lower the cost of living by reining in deficit spending and the tax-and-regulate policies that are crushing our economy.

When my wife and I had just been married, we lived month to month in a one-bedroom apartment with a monthly food budget of $100. Unfortunately, politicians on both sides have forgotten how to live on a budget. Our country is deficit spending money we don’t have, which is the leading cause of our sky-high inflation and rapidly increasing national debt. Reducing, and eventually eliminating, the budget deficit is critical to long term prosperity. To do this, we need to shrink the size, scope, and cost of government.

The Left’s poor handling of the economy has given us a housing crisis. I’ll work to make homeownership an attainable dream for every Coloradan by reducing regulations that inhibit affordable housing. Two of the biggest barriers are excessive construction defect liability and expensive building codes based on climate alarmism. I’ve worked to solve these issues in the state legislature, and I’ll continue that in Congress.

We must also keep the promises we made to our seniors. Folks who worked their whole lives should not have their social security reduced, and I will vote to protect social security. Long term, we can find sustainable solutions while ensuring seniors receive the money for which they spent their whole lives working. Additionally, seniors should not have their pensions over-taxed and constantly diminished in value by inflation as the Left has done. I will work to reduce inflation and taxes.

We need to reward hard work, and that means reducing taxes, fees, inflation, job killing regulations, and increasing salaries. Joe Biden and his allies in Congress have never met a tax or regulation they dislike. They insist on large welfare payments with no time limits, the transfer of student loan debts from graduates of elite colleges to American workers, and other such schemes. In the state legislature, I fought against higher taxes, fees, and regulations. Hardworking Americans should be able to reap the fruit of their labor. I’ll stand up for the same things in Congress.


Promote food, industry, and energy independence. Follow the science when it comes to reducing emissions; don’t force costly and unproven “green” technologies that aren’t actually clean or ready for mass production.

During COVID, we learned the critical importance of supply chains. Unfortunately, draconian Leftist climate regulations are crippling our supply chains for agriculture, key manufacturing, and energy production. When we cannot produce our own food, critical goods, or energy, that production takes place in other countries. We lose the economic benefit of producing things in Colorado and America, and we get more pollution from places, like China, that use slave labor and don’t respect the environment.

In Congress, I’ll work to support American agriculture and ensure countries like China aren’t controlling our food production. I support an “all of the above” energy policy – oil, gas, nuclear, renewables, geothermal – without subsidizing or favoring certain industries and companies. The Biden Administration’s policy of picking winners and losers by punishing oil and gas industries while propping up favored industries through expensive tax credits and subsidies must stop. I support projects such as the Keystone XL Pipeline and will work to end Biden-imposed moratoriums on drilling. I’ll fight to bring back the manufacturing of key components like semi-conductors and advanced computer chips to the United States. Americans should receive the wealth produced by our economy, not foreign countries, illegal immigrants, or government-subsidized favorites.


Increase the number of people who have access to usable and affordable healthcare by putting doctors and patients back in charge and reducing middlemen and government bureaucrats.

When my oldest son was born, he spent a month in the hospital with life threatening medical complications. My wife and I received a six-figure hospital bill that insurance paid. My second son was diagnosed with complex conditions before he was even born, and currently requires very expensive prescriptions, which our insurance fortunately covers. Because of these experiences, I truly appreciate how important it is for all Americans and Coloradans to have access to quality healthcare and insurance coverage, including for pre-existing conditions. Legislation must include protections for pre-existing conditions.

Unfortunately, when it comes to healthcare, Joe Biden and the Left are full of empty promises that harm Coloradans. In the last 15 months, Colorado has seen numerous health insurers (Humana, Good Friday, Bright Health, Oscar Health) either leave the state or reduce their coverage. Many folks who have coverage on paper will never use it because Leftist regulations have driven the deductible sky high. Coloradans are facing projected double digit increases in health insurance premiums in 2024. The highly regulated insurance market drives a wedge between patients and doctors, while an increasingly large portion of America’s population is relegated to Medicaid, a government-run program. In the private market, consumers face different price structures for the same services, depending on their particular insurer. Prescription drug prices have risen to astronomical costs in America while other countries buy the same medication for a fraction of the cost. This isn’t fair to hardworking Americans.

We can fix this by putting patients and doctors back in charge. Individuals are the best people to make health decisions for themselves and their families. I support policies similar to the “Gold Card” program. This reduces costs and delays by rewarding doctors who responsibly practice medicine by allowing them to skip various pre-authorization procedures, and avoid costly and time-intensive middlemen. I want bureaucrats out of the doctor-patient relationship. Consumers should have price transparency and be able to take their health plan from one job to the next. I also will work with healthcare professionals to reduce costs by exploring where prescribing privileges can be expanded to providers like psychologists. As a state representative, I supported policies that increase rural healthcare access by giving physician assistants greater flexibility to treat patients.