American Education


Educational freedom means families can choose the education that works best for them.

School choice is one of the most important civil rights issues of our day. No child should be trapped in an underperforming school simply because he or she lives in the wrong zip code. I support school choice and educational savings accounts that allow parents and donors to make tax-free contributions so parents and kids can choose the best educational opportunities. The current U.S. Department of Education is a bloated bureaucracy. I will work to break down this bureaucracy and empower families and students.

Likewise, I will seek a new focus for higher education. Instead of propping up Left leaning universities, I will focus resources on state schools, community colleges, dual enrollment, trade and vocational opportunities so kids and young adults who choose not to attend Ivy League universities are equipped to succeed in the workplace. Not everyone is college-bound. High paying skilled trades are in dire need in Colorado. By rewarding hard work and bolstering the relationship between education and employers, we can build a skilled workforce that earns a good wage and will protect our standing as a global economic powerhouse.


Parents/guardians, teachers, and schools need to work together to safely educate our next generation.

This means breaking down barriers that inhibit transparency and prevent parents/guardians from knowing what is going on in schools. There are current policies in our schools that hide information from parents about their kids. This pits teachers, administration, and parents against each other, breaks down trust, and limits parents’ ability to advocate for their child. Instead, parents, teachers, and schools must be open and transparent so that everyone can work together to educate the next generation. In the state legislature, I fought to empower families by breaking down barriers and improving transparency, and I’ll continue that fight in Congress.

Teachers should be free to teach, not burdened with excessive classroom management and behavioral issues. Using my experience working in our schools for several years as a police officer and part-time school resource officer, I will work to ensure our schools are a safe place for students. That means addressing behavioral issues inside schools so kids can learn and teachers can teach.

Finally, we must protect our children from violence! As a cop, I trained to take a bullet for our kids if need be—I will bring that same level of tenacity to Congress when it comes to school safety! You can read an op-ed I wrote for the Denver Post (republished in the Greeley Tribune) here.


Increase teacher pay and support schools by ensuring more money makes it into the classroom.

When working in the schools as a part-time school resource officer, I saw how hard our teachers work! Teachers need fair and competitive pay, and shouldn’t have to work a second job or pay for essential classroom supplies out of their own pocket. Unfortunately, in Colorado, only 58% of money allocated to schools actually makes it to teachers or students.

This is the lowest ratio of any of the surrounding states. We can pay teachers more and invest in our kids just by reducing bureaucratic middlemen and getting the money we already have into the classroom! In Congress, I’ll fight to reduce the size of the bureaucracy, return control of schools back to local communities, and reward schools that run efficient programs that responsibly spend the money where it belongs—on kids, teachers, and education, not bureaucrats and ideology!